Does xiaomi own QCY – Is QCY owned by Xiaomi – Is QCY under xiaomi

Is QCY owned by Xiaomi?

Does xiaomi own QCY?

Is QCY under xiaomi?

  1. NO, QCY Not owned by Xiaomi Mi, QCY cooperation with Xiaomi Mi, QCY is a partner of Xiaomi ecological chain ( mi ecological chain ), QCY Earbuds sold on Xiaomi platform
  2. QCY is Xiaomi mi OEM Factory, Xiaomi Redmi Airdots earbuds manufacture by QCY, Xiaomi them own not manufacture any earbuds
  3. So, QCY Not Under xiaomi mi,QCY not a part of Xiaomi mi,QCY are not bought by Xiaomi mi

Who is the owner of QCY?

  • Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd is the owner of QCY

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