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QCY-T7 TWS Smart Earbuds

QCY T7 Overview:

In-ear sensor – Touch Panel

Tuning Hold / Pressure relief hold / LED

Pogo pins / Mic

LED / Charging Case button / Type-c Charging port

QCY T7 Pairing

How do I pair my QCY T7?

How to Connect First time connectivity:

  1. Open the QCY T7 earbuds case and take out two QCY T7 earbuds, they will auto power-on and automatically pairing with each other.
  2. Left earbud will auto turn connectable, When right LED turns off. Ready for pairing with device.
  3. On Mobile phone or other device ,search for QCY-T7 and tap to connect both earbuds to phone.
  4. If all connecting success, QCY T7 pairing complete!

Switch connected device:

1 Turn off Phone A’s Bluetooth faculty and earbuds will auto disconnect and turn connectable.

2 On Phone B , Search for QCY-T7 and tap to connect.

  • Multi-point connection is not available and earbuds will auto reconnect to phone B upon powering up again.

QCY T7 right earbud not working

QCY T7 Reset

QCY T7 Factory Reset

Factory Setting: (Please refer the following methods to fix connectivity errors)

  • QCY T7 Reset Method 1:
  • 1.Delete connectivity QCY T7 Bluetooth record on phone, If any.
  • 2 Power off first before reset the earbuds: Take out both earbuds from case and keep touching both of the panel for 5s or until LEDs blink red for 1s to power off them.
  • 3 Once again keep touching both of the panels for 10s (LED will blink red and green 3 times then blink red once during the course) to reset them to factory.
  • *Refer How to connect to build connection after factory setting.
  • QCY T7 Reset Method 2 : open the lid and hold charging case button until LED of the case shows red green and blue. Close the lid to reset earbuds to factory.

QCY T7 How to wear

  1. Rotate earbud and pop it into your ear then shake head to check wearing stability.
  2. Please adjust Mic towards your mouth to gain better calling experience.
  3. Please wear earbuds properly, making sure they fit in firmly and sound holes are inside ear channels
  4. You may turn on / off in-ear detection in APP

QCY T7 Mono Mode

  • Power off earbuds. Keep touching the panel on either earbud for 5s to turn earbuds into connectable (LED blinks red and green).
  • On phone Search for QCY-T7 and tap to connect the earbuds to phone.

QCY T7 Charging Earbuds

How do I charge my QCY T7?

  • Push earbuds into the case and close the lid. Earbuds will auto turn off and to be charged

QCY T7 Charging Case

  • Charge the case via USB cable. LED will blink red when battery is less than 60%, Blink green when between 60% and 95% and blink blue when over 95%. LED will glow solid blue once top up.

QCY T7 Parameters

  • Model: In2017 QCY-T7
  • Bluetooth Version V5.0
  • Standby time : max 60hr
  • Charging time: max 2hr
  • Music time: Max 3.5hr
  • Talk time : max 3hr
  • Operation range : 10M (with no obstacle)
  • Battery type: li-ion
  • Battery capacity (Earbuds):3.7V 35mAh
  • Battery capacity (charging case):3.7V 380mAh
  • input parameter (Case):5V 400mAh
  • Bluetooth Profiles: HFP / HSP / AVRCP / A2DP

QCY T7 Touch Control

  • Power on
    • earbuds not in case : keep touching the panel for 2s
    • Earbuds in case with lid closed: Open the lid
  • Power off
    • Push earbuds into case and close the lid
    • Keep touching the panel for 5s
  • Answer / end call: Double tap the panel to answer / end the call
  • Ignore call: Keep touching the panel for 1s
  • Voice Assistant : Triple tap the panel
  • Music play / pause:
    • Double tap
    • put off either of earbuds to pause and put it in 15s to resume play
  • Skip track forward: Keep touch the panel for 2s to skip track forward

QCY T7 Volume Control

  • QCY T7 Volume Control not support by earbuds, you can control volume adjusted by devices.

QCY T7 Warranty Card

Free exchange service

QCY-T7 Tips

QCY T7 Caveats


QCY T7 Troubleshooting

QCY T7 problems