LASUNEY T21 Manual Instructions LASUNEY T21 Earbuds Manual LASUNEY T21 Pairing LASUNEY T21 Reset Charging Case Control Troubleshooting

LASUNEY T21 Manual

LASUNEY T21 Package Include:

  • LASUNEY T21 Earbuds * 2
  • LASUNEY T21 Charging Case * 1
  • 3 Pairs * LASUNEY T21 Ear Caps (L/ M/ S sizes), Middle size is installed.
  • Micro USB Cable(50CM/1.6FT) * 1
  • User Manual * 1

LASUNEY T21 Pairing

LASUNEY T21 Earbuds Pairing

How to Pair LASUNEY Earbuds T21

How to Pair T21 Headphones

  1. Take out the two LASUNEY T21 earbuds from the charging case, both earbuds will auto pairing with each other. Ready for pairing with device
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth function on cellphone or other device, select ” LASUNEY T21 ” to connect
  3. If all connecting success, LASUNEY T21 pairing complete!
  4. Second use : One-Step Pairing – when two earbuds take out of charging case will auto pairing with phone or device, this functions designed help resolve lots of connection issues!


LASUNEY T21 Earbuds Reset

LASUNEY Earbuds T21 Reset

How do you reset a Lasuney T21?

Factory Reset (When 2 earbuds can not pair with your device or can not pair with each other.):

  • Delete the Bluetooth Record “LASUNEY T21” on cellphone Make sure have turned off Bluetooth function of your device.
  • Take the two LASUNEY T21 earbuds out of charging case, under pairing mode, triple-tap Touch Control Area of 2 LASUNEY T21 earbuds separately.
  • Then put two LASUNEY T21 earbuds into charging case to turn off.
  • Take them out from charging case to reconnect with your device.

LASUNEY T21 Touch Control

  • Previous Song: Long touch for 2s of Left earbud
  • Next Song: Long touch for 2s of Right earbud
  • Play / Pause: Double-tap of one earbud
  • Pick up / Hang up phone call: Double-tap of one earbud
  • Decline Incoming call: Long touch for 2s of one earbud
  • Separate: triple-tap Touch Control

Charging the LASUNEY T21 Earbuds

  • Please put the two earbuds into the charging case, then start charging

Charging the LASUNEY T21 Earbuds Charging Case

  • Use Micro USB Cable Plug into the charging case Port

LASUNEY T21 Single Mode

  • Take one LASUNEY T21 Earbuds out will enter LASUNEY T21 Single Mode
  • Individual use freely

LASUNEY T21 Binaural Mode

  • Take Two LASUNEY T21 Earbuds out will enter LASUNEY T21 Binaural Mode

LASUNEY T21 Volume Control

  • LASUNEY T21 Can’t control volume , If you want volume control, please adjust your phone volume

LASUNEY T21 Earbuds Troubleshooting

  • Please removed the plastic films cover on the charging pins and get them fully recharged before first use.
  • The paring mode will turn off after 10 minutes if earbuds do not connect with any device.

  • If the battery status of charging case is zero, the earbuds will not turn off. Need to Long press Touch Control Area for 10 seconds to turn them off.

LASUNEY T21 Earbuds Support Warranty Customer Service

If you receive a defective product or have any questions during use, please feel free to let us know.

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