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Vislla Wireless Earbuds Manual

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Vislla Sport Earphones will power on and pair with each other automatically once taken out from the Charging Box
The battery indicator lights inform you of your earbuds and the charging case’s charging status.
Ear-tips around in your ears, keeping them in place comfortably while you interact with the controls.

Vislla Earbuds Pairing

Vislla S7 Pairing

Vislla S7 How to Pair

How do you pair Vislla earbuds?

How do you connect Vislla headphones?

Vislla Headphones Pairing

How to pair the two headphones with my phone?
Prior to first use

  1. Please be sure both the S7 Bluetooth earbuds and the charging case are fully charged.Put the two Vislla S7 earbuds into the charging case
  2. Take both Vislla S7 headphones out of the charging case,the twin S7 earphones will power on and pair with each other automatically;
    [ or turn on the headphones manually by pressing down the MFB about 2 seconds at the same time until you hear voice prompt “Power on”]
  3. Activate Bluetooth setting on your phone, search and choose ‘s7’ to connect
  4. If Success,Vislla S7 Pairing Steps complete!


Vislla Earbuds Reset

Vislla S7 Reset

How to reset

Vislla Headphones Reset

  1. Take out the 2 Vislla headphones from charging case, before Vislla Earbuds reset setting,you should turn off the earbuds first,long press both headphones’ multi-function button about 3 seconds to turn them off;
  2. Deactivate the Bluetooth setting on your phone and forget all “S7” from the menu.
  3. In shutdown status, hold & press both Vislla S7 headphones button about 5 seconds at the same time, release the button until both Vislla headphones LED light illuminate Red & Blue alternatively. At the moment, quick-double click the right S7 headphone button (R).
  4. Wait for 3-5 seconds, one S7 headphone will flash blue light slowly, and the other Earbud will flash red & Blue light alternatively, which means the both Vislla S7 headphones have been enter pairing status. [p.s. It will be more easy to check the light from the mic hole.]
  5. Now, activate the Bluetooth setting on your phone, search and select “S7” to connect, it should work properly.
    [If not, please put the headphones back to the charging case and repeat the steps above.]
  6. If all success, Vislla S7 Pairing Reset complete!

Vislla earbuds pair issue

1 If there is any issue with pairing both earbuds to your phone, please put the earbuds back into the charging case ,delete the Bluetooth name S7 on your device (phone or other device ) and repeat the above steps.
2 these earbuds not only can be used together,but also can be used individually. if you want to use single mode,just take one earbuds out of the case and connect to your phone, it will be OK. Or when your are using with Dual mode,turn off one earbuds manually or put one earbuds back into the charging case,you will be able to hang on to the other one by single mode.

What’s in the Box?
Vislla Wireless Sport Earbuds 2 PCS ( L / R )
Charging Case 1 PCS
USB Cable 1 PCS
Original Ear Caps 1 Pair (M)
Spare Ear Caps 2 Pair (S / L)
User Manual 1 PC

Ear Hook
Eartips (M Size)
MFB / LED Indicator
Charging Port

Vislla Headphones Charging Case
Charging Point
LED indicator
USB Charging Port

Vislla s7 giveway / Vislla giveway card
Vislla prize from vislla card

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Vislla customer service

Vislla Earbuds Support

  • Please connect vislla via the picture shows

Vislla Earbuds Warranty

  • After Sale Guarantee
  • We provide 12 months Replacement Warranty
  • Please contact us with Amazon order # if have any problem

vislla service
vislla heaphones contact
vislla contact us

​​How to use Vislla headphones?

How to wear the Vislla earbuds correctly?

  • Take out “R earbuds” to wear on right ear.

Vislla S7 headphones Storage & Charging Case

Protects and recharges your earphones while not in use.

A single charge provides up to 8 hours of use.

Vislla S7 not Charging

Vislla S7 Headphones How to charge?

  • Prior to first use – make sure both the earbuds and the charging case are fully charged.
  • Remove the plastic insulating films on the charging point of the earbuds.
  • Put the earbuds back into the charging case correctly.
  • Connect the Micro USB cable to the charging port of the Charging Case and plug the other end into a power supply or other USB outlet.
  • It may take 2 hour or so to get the charging case and earbuds fully charged.
  • You can charge the charging case and earbuds at the same time; you can also get the charging case fully charged first,then use the charging case to charge the earbuds (without being plugged into power supply). The fully charged charging case can hold 2 times recharged for the twins headphones at last.
  • When the earbuds are inserted into the charging case,it will charge automatically; once the earbuds are full charged they will stop charging automatically.
​​Vislla s7 Earbuds’ LED Light explanation:

When being charged,earbuds’ LED light will illuminate red;
(Check photo A)
when fully charged,earbuds’ LED Red light will go off.(Check photo B)

Charging Case’s LED light explanation;

When being charged,the led light will flash green light;
When fully charged,the led light will be solid green all the time; (the green light will disappear when power supply is cut off.)


Vislla user manual True Wireless Earbuds for sport
Vislla wireless earbuds user manual


Vislla S7 Headphones Specification

  • 1.Bluetooth Version: BT5.0+EDR
  • 2.Supports: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
  • 3.Charging Interface: Point-Contact
  • 4.Charging Port: Micro USB
  • 5.Battery Capacity: (Li-ion battery inside) Earbud: 110mAh
  • Charging case: 500mAh
  • 6.Battery Life: Twin Earbuds will last 8 hours on single fully
  • charge(Actual battery life changes with the song types and
  • volume requirements)
  • 7.Standby Time: Up to 100 hours
  • 8.Charging Time: 2 hours
  • 9.Transmission Range: 33 feet (with no obstacle)
  • 10.Earbud Weight/Size: 0.35 oz/PC; in
  • 11.Charging Case Weight/Size: 2.12 oz/PC; in

​​Vislla S7 Controls

Vislla earbuds volume control

Vislla S7 volume control

How to adjust volume on Vislla Earbuds

  • Volume + : Quick Triple – Click L earbuds


For music
(Functions on “R earbuds”)

Play / Pause: Click Once
Next track : Quick Double – Click

Volume + : Quick Triple – Click L

1 Note : When use R earbuds individually, for music,it only support the functions as above
[Functions on “L earbuds”]

Play / Pause: Click Once
Next track : Quick Double – Click
Volume + : Quick Triple – Click

2 Note : When use L earbuds individually, for music,it only support the functions as above

For call
Answer a call : Click Once
End a call : Click Once
Reject anincomming call : Long Press 1S
Siri : Long Press 1S
“L” or “R” Earbuds both OK

Vislla customer service

Vislla Earbuds Support

vislla service
vislla heaphones contact
vislla contact us

If you still have any problems please contact amazon on your amazon orders,they will gives you a satisfied solution.

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